Unlock hidden port capacity, reduce delays, optimise expenditure

With the worlds most advanced physics-based Port Traffic Management System


Using the most advanced physic-based technology to support your Port. NCOS Online will deliver greater capacity utilisation of existing marine assets, reduce delays and optimise future capacity investment.

NCOS ONLINE is DHI’s award-winning physics-based vessel response system developed in collaboration with FORCE TECHNOLOGY providing operational and strategic decision support to all port stakeholders. 

NCOS ONLINE represents the next generation of advanced, physics-based port traffic management systems that utilise high performance, cloud-based computing environments to resolve vessel motions and forces, uniquely accounting for forward speed and water depth implicitly. The engine is the same as those used in high-end navigation simulators and will, therefore, include full integration of the individual vessel particulars (hull form, draft, aerial and sub aerial hull areas), tug resources, and modelled currents and winds. The system is capable of resolving the motion of moored vessels as well as the non-linear mooring line and fender forces.

The unique combination of cutting-edge vessel response engine and the state-of-the-art, high-resolution metocean models, provides clear benefits with regards to improved accuracy and versatility for correctly calculating vessel response for modern larger and wider vessels. NCOS ONLINE empowers port and maritime safety authorities to more fully utilise the capacity of their existing port and channel assets, ensuring the safety and efficiency of vessel traffic at all times through a high precision, virtual environment with unprecedented accuracy.

More specifically

Port authorities are using NCOS ONLINE in a strategic capacity to:


Reduce delays

Reduces arrival delays at berth, improve traffic efficiency and reduce emissions.


CAPEX savings

Defer capital dredging works and enable larger and deeper drafted vessel calls. Optimise berthing schedules, extend quay life & improve safety.


Climate change

Support port infrastructure resilience and smarter climate change adaptation strategies through agile and robust physics-based scenario assessment.


Reduce risk

Ensure the safety of all vessel transits and moorings with best-practise tools which are robust and defensible.



Manage data-driven Port sustainability indicators more effectively and carry out faster and more accurate environmental impact assessments.


OPEX savings

Extend transit windows for deep drafted vessels, reduce arrival delays and improve efficiency of maintenance dredging operations.


Seaport OPX’s is a specialist provider of digital port solutions within the DHI group – an independent, self-governing not-for-profit research and consultancy organisation established in 1964.

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